Flight Instruction

Fulfill the ambition of a lifetime and discover flying! We can help you arrange experiences in a variety of aircraft. Fly from a location close to home and choose from a variety of different flight durations. Take to the skies and expect to be hooked!

All flights are flown as a trial flying lesson with a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified Flying Instructor as your pilot who will give you the opportunity to take control of a high performance aircraft.
You will receive a comprehensive briefing before your flight where any specific requirements can be discussed so your flight can be tailored to your exact needs. Your instructor will talk you through basic principles of flight and how to control the aircraft in flight.

When airborne, your instructor will demonstrate how to fly the aircraft using the control column and rudder. Your instructor will then invite you to handle the controls of the aircraft (if desired) so you can experience the thrill of flying an aircraft for yourself. The pilot will coach you through climbing and descending the aircraft, turning to the left and right and also holding the plane straight and level.
After your flight you will return to the circuit where your instructor will allow you to follow-through on the controls while he completes a landing. You'll have time to discuss your flight with the instructor back in the club house where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and further research using the training resources, aviation books and manuals.

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